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Knutsford Meeting: Mary Barton-Session 3

Wednesday 27 March, 2019, 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

£10 – £11


Dr Diane Duffy will again be leading our discussion.  This month she will be  focusing  once more on  Chapter 16 of Mary Barton. She will look at John Barton’s tragedy, thinking about Gaskell’s initial intention to make it John’s story and being persuaded to change her mind.

Many critics believe this novel to be a book of two halves, initially focusing on John and later moving to Mary. They feel this is detrimental to the novel. What are your views?  How do you feel this  change of focus affects the narrative?

Is John Barton’s fall tragic?

Does Gaskell give him any possible way to avoid this tragedy-to exert his own will against fate? This idea of Determinism v Free Will was a contested issue among Unitarians at the time.

Prior to the discussion there will be the usual delicious buffet lunch served at 12:30 pm. The discussion will begin at 2 pm. and finish at 3 pm. Doors open at 12:15 pm.

These are always lively and interesting discussions and we welcome all who enjoy Elizabeth Gaskell’s novels, either to the discussion only or to the lunch as well.

Charges: Members: £10 incl lunch  Discussion only: £5

Non-members: £11 incl lunch.   Discussion only: £6  All are welcome

Please remember to bring along your own plate, dish and mug, plus cutlery

There will also be a chance to visit the Gaskell Exhibition Room on the first floor and also to visit the changing exhibitions in the Chapel itself.

 Brook Street Chapel Hall  is accessed directly from Adams Hill, on the opposite side to Knutsford Railway Station (pedestrian crossing at traffic lights).

.NB The Knutsford meetings take place on the last Wednesday of every month from October to April, excluding December.