Oh my Prophetic Soul!

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Diane Duffy looks tells the story of a tragic drowning in Silverdale in 1850, which echoed a story written by Elizabeth Gaskell three years before. While it would be good to think Elizabeth Gaskell could add the power of a … Continued

This Month in Writing – January

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‘The Grey Woman’ Published January 1861 in volume IV of Charles Dickens’  All the Year Round January is a dull month after the Christmas festivities, so what could be better than brightening these cold winter days with a good Gothic … Continued

This Month in Writing – December

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‘The Secret Life of Edward Higgins: The Squire’s Story Published in the Extra Christmas Number of Dickens’ Household Words, December 1853 After looking at some interesting Welsh locations in ‘The Well of Pen Morfa’, I am returning to England for … Continued

This Month in Writing – November

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‘The Well of Pen – Morfa’, November 1850 In the autumn of 1850, the year that Elizabeth Gaskell and her family took up residence at 42, Plymouth Grove, Charles Dickens published the second of Gaskell’s contributions to Household Words-‘The Well of … Continued

Cousin Phillis

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Gaskell’s last novella, Cousin Phillis, was published in The Cornhill Magazine in 1863, only two years before she died.  In this story she returns to her beloved Knutsford, now named Eltham, and her grandfather’s farm at Sandlebridge, renamed Heathbridge.  Gaskell’s … Continued

The Gaskell Revival

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Elizabeth Gaskell, the wife of a Unitarian minister of religion in Manchester, shared her husband’s interest in literature: they published some jointly written verses in 1837.  Elizabeth became a best-selling novelist almost by chance. Grieved by the death of her baby … Continued