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Elizabeth Gaskell Bibliography

“I do not know whether I am brave or not till I am tried...”

– North and South (Chapter XV) 1848 –

English-language scholarship on the life and writings of Elizabeth Gaskell can be easily located using the following published sources, generally available for access in academic libraries or for purchase:

Selig, Robert L. – Elizabeth Gaskell: A Reference Guide (Boston: G. K. Hall, 1997)

Welch, Jeffrey – Elizabeth Gaskell: An Annotated Bibliography, 1929-1975 (New York and London: Garland Publishing, Inc. 1977)

Weyant, Nancy S. – Elizabeth Gaskell: An Annotated Bibliography of English Language Sources, 1976-1991 (Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow Press, 1994).

Weyant, Nancy S. – Elizabeth Gaskell: An Annotated Guide to English Language Sources,1992-2001. (Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow Press, 2004). 

Nancy Weyant and Meghan Lowe currently maintain supplements to the last of these. These substantial supplements list bibliographies and bibliographical essays; biographies and biographical footnotes; works relating to correspondence; and literary criticism. They are available here and on Nancy Weyant’s website

Gaskell Scholarship Bibliographical Supplement 2002-2011

Gaskell Scholarship Bibliographical Supplement 2012-2019

Back copies of Gaskell Society Newsletters, volumes 1-60, can be found here. 

The Gaskell Society would like to thank Nancy Weyant and Meghan Lowe for allowing the supplements to be published here.