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No.1. March 1986.
Nussey, John. Inauguration of the Gaskell Society: a Brontë Society Members’Account. p3-5. Brill, Barbara. Annie A. and Fleeming [Jenkin]. p6-11.
[Leach, Joan]. Mrs Gaskell – a Cinderella at Chatsworth. p14-16.

No.2. August 1986.
Brill, Barbara. Job Legh and the working class naturalists. p3-6.
[Keaveney, Jennifer]. Mastermind. p6.
Kirkland, Janice. Mrs Gaskell’s country houses, [Boughton House, Worcester; Hulme Walfield, Congleton; The Park, near Manchester]. p10-11.
Leach, Joan. Mrs Gaskell’s Cheshire; Summer Outing – June 29th 1986, [Tabley House & chapel. The Mount, Bollington]. [illus.] p12-19.
Monnington, Rod. Where can I find Mrs Gaskell? [The Diary of a Hay on Wye Bookseller, by Keith Gowen, 1985]. p23-24.

No.3. Spring 1987.
Hewerdine, H., F.R.S.H. Cross Street Chapel. p3-5.
Marroni, Francesco. Elizabeth Gaskell in Italian translation. p6-8.
Leach, Joan. Cleghorn. p9-10.
Moon, Richard. Letter on Boughton Park, [Worcester]. p14.
Leach, Joan. Thomas Wright, the Good Samaritan [by G.F. Watts]. [illus.] p15-25.

No.4. August 1987.
Thwaite, Mary. The “Whitfield” Gaskell collection, [Knutsford Library]. p3-5.
Brill, Barbara. William Gaskell’s hymns. p6-8.
[Leach, Joan]. Green Heys Fields, [Manchester]. [Country rambles and wild flowers by Leo Grindon, 1858]. p11-12. [Heathwaite House, Knutsford]. [illus. of 1832 water colour]. p13.
Summer outing to North Wales, [Sunday June 29th 1987]. [gen. table]. p14-21.
[Lascelles, Gen. Sir Alan]. A Cranford fan. p23.
[Leach, Joan]. The Gaskells and poetry. p24.

No.5. March 1988.
Jacobi, Elizabeth (later Rye). Mrs. Gaskell, [port. by H.L. Smith]. [illus.] p2-5.
Leach, Joan. Hollingford alias Knutsford. p8-10.
Thwaite, Mary. Additions to the Knutsford collection, [Cranford. Joan Hassall, illustrator.] [facsimile] p11-13. Leach, Joan. The Gaskell servants. p14-15.
Davis, Elsie. Silverdale. p16-17.
Lingard, Christine. John Seely Hart. p17-19.
Higgins, [Edward] highwayman, [figurine]. [illus.] p19.
Leach, Joan. What the Howitts did [in Australia]. p20-21.

No.6. August 1988.
Leach, Joan. Obituary, [Dr Ken Walley. President. Gaskell Society]. p2.
Farino, Julian. Getting to know Mrs G., [television documentary]. p3-5.
Leach, Joan. Outing to Silverdale, [July 3rd 1988]. [Lindeth Tower; Sheiling]. [illus.] [plan] p6-12.
Brill, Barbara. Bleak House in Cheshire? p15.
Easson, Angus. Wives and Daughters: a further note. p16.

No.7. March 1989.
Leach, Joan. In Cousin Phillis country, [Colthurst Farm, Sandlebridge, Great Warford]. [illus.] p4-6.
[Leach, Joan]. The Gaskells and Moss Farm, [Bowdon]. [illus.] p7-10.
[Leach, Joan]. [Unpublished letter of Gaskell to Mrs Mary Green, 1855]. p12.
Pleydell, Doreen. Two authors and Charles Eliot Norton, [Edith Wharton]. p13-15.
[Dam Head Farm, Mobberley]. [illus.] p15.
[Skrine, Peter?] Fanny Lewald’s impressions of Mrs Gaskell. p16.

No.8. August 1989.
Thwaite, Mary. “300 years of history,” [exhibition at Brook St. Chapel, Knutsford]. [illus.] p2-4.
Shelston, Alan. Chairman’s visit to Italy. p5.
Chapple, J[ohn] A.V. Cleghorn again. [port.] p9-11.
Leach, Joan. Ruth a subject of pain. p12-16, [reduced facsimile of letter to Mary Green]. p15.
Unsworth, Anna. Mrs Gaskell and Charlotte Brontë. p17-18.
Leach, Joan. Outing to Haworth and Gawthorpe Hall, [Sir James Kay-Shuttleworth, port.] [illus.] p19-22.
Sutherland, Manuela. Why I go to Knutsford. p23-4.
[Haworth Parsonage]. [illus. inside rear cover].

No.9 March 1990.
Yarrow, Philip J. The Gaskell Society Outing – 8 October 1989, [Quarry Bank Mill, Styal; Dean Row chapel, Wilmslow; Adlington Hall]. p3-4.
Chapple, J[ohn] A.V. The Gaskell Honeymoon, [Plas Penrhyn]. p5-7.
Borromeo, Eva Ahsberg. Elizabeth Gaskell and Fredrika Bremer; a comparison. [port.] p10-13.
Bibby, R.E. Greenheys Fields, [Manchester Evening News, 1878]. [illus.] p14-16.

No.10. August 1991.
[Leach, Joan]. An unpublished Gaskell letter, [Caroline Davenport]. [Capesthorne Hall, illus.] p3-8.
[Leach, Joan]. A Gaskell precept, [R.H. Watt, architect, Knutsford]. p9.
Duthie, Enid L. & Yarrow, Philip J. Truth and fiction in Mrs Gaskell: two notes, [My French Master; Round the Sofa]. p10- 12.
Foster, Alison (later Harrop). Manchester cholera walk, [outing, July 22nd 1991]. p13-16.
Hall, Audrey. A possible new image of Mrs. Gaskell. [port.] p16-17.
Kirby, Sylvia. The theology of Unitarianism. p21-24.
Ashbourne Hall [Derbyshire] 1839. [illus. to book note, p.19, inside rear cover].

No.11. March 1991.
Canal Trippers, [Libbie Marsh’s Three Eras]. p3-4.
The Portico Library [Manchester]. [illus.] p8.
[Leach, Joan]. Elizabeth Gaskell’s amanuensis, [Catherine Winkworth]. p9.
One of Birket Foster’s illustrations for “A Moorland Cottage.” [illus.] p9.
[Letters. Marianne Gaskell to Charles E. Norton; Margaret E. Gaskell to Charles E. Norton. [facsimiles]. p12.
Leach, Joan. Elizabeth Gaskell as a historian, [Sylvia’s Lovers]. p13-14.
Duthie, Enid. Notes on some Gaskell stories, [My French Master; Round the Sofa]. p15-18.
Lewis, Suzanne. `A Dark Night’s Work’ [incomplete]. p20.

No 12. August 1991.
Yarrow, Dorothy F. Mansfield Park and Wives and Daughters. p4-5.
Brill, Barbara. The Lawn, Holybourne. [illus.] p8-11.
Leach, Joan. The French master, [Charles Rogier]. [A new plan of defence of Gibraltar. facsimile]. p12-16.

No 13 March 1992.
Colloms, Brenda. Thoughts on Mrs Gaskell’s ‘Life of Charlotte Brontë’. p2-9.
Gregg, Howard F. Visit to Holybourne, [outing of South of England branch]. p9-10.
[Leach, Joan]. William Gaskell’s peaceful end. [Brook St. Chapel, Knutsford]. [illus.] p11-12. Brill, Barbara. An Oxford ghost. p13-15.

No.14. August 1992.
Chapman, Raymond. Elizabeth Gaskell and London. p2-7.
[Chapple, J.A.V.] Letter. William to Elizabeth Gaskell [Rutgers University Library. No.14 August 1992. [letter]. p8-12.
Cox, Marjorie. Mrs Gaskell, Louis Kossuth and the Hungarian revolution. p16-23.
Smith, Muriel. Dickens and the ghost story. p23.
Leach, Joan. The Dragon of Wantley. [illus.] See letter to Eliza Holland. No.9. p29.

No.15. January 1993.
Easter, Muriel & Reddihough, Alice. AGM weekend, 2-4 October 1992. p3-5.
Another letter from William Gaskell, traced by J.A.V. Chapple [to Ellen Nussey] [Rutgers University Library]. No.15. January 1993.p6.
Brill, Barbara. The Charm of Barbara Bodichon. p7-10.
Burch, Sylvia. An introduction to Elizabeth Gaskell’s short stories. p11-16.
Leach, Joan. Obituary, [John T.M. Nussey]. p16.

No.16. August 1993.
Colloms, Brenda. Second thoughts on ‘Cousin Phillis’. p2-12.
Waghorn, C[lifford] C. Another birthday present for Elizabeth [Female Mentor by Honoria, 1798] [William Stevenson, [autograph]. [facsimile] p13-15.
Unsworth, Anna. ‘So different a life…’ [Oxford]. p16-18.

No.17. February 1994.
Leach, Joan. A Remarkable Gaskell collection, [Brotherton Collection, Leeds University]. p2-3.
[Leach, Joan]. Editor’s Note, [Letter of Charles Herford]. [facsimile in shorthand] p3-4.
Wilby, Geraldine. Some Thoughts on Teaching “North and South” to a WEA Class. p5-6.
Leach, Joan. The Bradfords of Seedley, [Julia B. Gaskell – birth certificate. facsimile]. p7-9.
Smith, Muriel. Whitby in 1793, [theatre production about whalers]. p11.
Leach, Joan. The Writing of Cousin Phillis, [letter to George Smith]. p12-13.
Colloms, Brenda. Dies Calendoniae, [Edinburgh conference]. p14-17.

No.18. October 1994.
Tillotson, Kathleen. Anne Thackeray Ritchie and Mary Barton. p2.
Letter from Meta Gaskell to Charles Eliot Norton from Ashbourne Hall, May 9th 1859. p3-4.
[Leach, Joan]. A small scrap, Brotherton Library, Leeds University]. [facsimile excerpt from Sylvia’s Lovers]. p5.
Brill, Barbara. Extracts from Christina Rossetti by Frances Thomas (published Virago, 1994), [Kathleen Tynan]. p7.
Unsworth, Anna. The Star Inn, Oxford. p9-11.
Gregg, Howard F. South of England branch to Crix, [Hatfield Peverel, Essex, home of the Shaen family, outing]. p11-12.
Leach, Joan. Mrs Gaskell’s bonnet. p13.

No 19. February 1995.
Unsworth, Anna. An introduction to Manchester College, [Oxford University]. p2-5.
Sharps, J[ohn] G[eoffrey]. [The Valentine sent by George Smith to Elizabeth Gaskell]. [facsimile] p8-9.
Colloms, Brenda. Sir James Kay-Shuttleworth, Mrs Gaskell and Charlotte Brontë. p10-12.
Mannix, Timothy. Edmund Sharpe 1809-1877 [Church House, Knutsford, now Hollingford House]. [illus.] p13-15.

No.20. August 1995.
[Leach, Joan]. Ghost stories [letter, Berg Collection, New York Public Library]. p2-3.
[84 Plymouth Grove, Manchester, facsimile O/S map 1849 sheet 45 five feet to the mile]. p3.
Chapple, J[ohn] A.V. New light on Elizabeth Gaskell and her family, [Brotherton Collection, Leeds University]. [Sophia Holland. Diary]. p4-5.
Brook Street Chapel, Knutsford. [illus.] p6-7.
[Leach, Joan]. A day with the engineers: an extract from The Life of Sir David Brewster. p8.

No.21. March 1996.
Handley, Graham. Mrs Gaskell and Charles Eliot Norton. p.2-5.
Sharps, J. Geoffrey Sharps. Meeting Mrs Jane Whitehill. p.5.
Sharp, Pamela. Wives and Daughters – an alternative ending. p.6-9.
Winstanley, Roy. Juliet Barker. The Brontës and Mrs Gaskell. (Juliet Barker: The Brontës Weidenfield & Nicholson [sic] 1994). [review] p10-13.
Corona, Daniela. Cultural and politics, perspectives in “An Italian Institution” by E. Gaskell. Edited translation to the Italian version, 1990. p16-19.

No.22. August 1996.
Leach, Joan. Behind the scenes: sources and contexts [Elizabeth C. Gaskell. Diary; Sophia Holland. Diary]. [facsimiles] p3- 7.
Brill, Barbara. First meetings that led to lasting friendships, [Charles E. Norton, John Ruskin]. p10-13.
[Holland, Lucy. King Street, Knutsford: watercolour. [illus.] p14.

No.23. March 1997.
Arnaud, Caroline. A study of Mrs Gaskell’s Handwriting. p2-4.
Handley, Graham. Humour in Mrs Gaskell’s letters (1) [George Eliot]. p5-9.
Chapple, J[ohn] A.V. The Royal Literary Fund [Richard A. Davenport]. p10-12.
Chapple, J[ohn] A.V. 84 Plymouth Grove [appeal for funds]. [illus.] p12 & 14.

No.24. September 1997.
Williams, Dewi. The Well of Penmorfa. p3-5.
Smith, Muriel. Notes on The Moorland Cottage and Other Stories. World Classics p/b ed., 1995. p6-7.
[Allan, Janet]. 84 Plymouth Grove [appeal for funds]. p7.
Corrie, Delia. The Recording of Mrs Gaskell’s North and South, BBC Radio 4. p8-9.
Leach, Joan. One day in Heppenheim [visit to Germany]. [illus.] p11-15.
Cross Street Chapel, Manchester, in 1856. [illus.] p9.
Head, Geoffrey. Cross Street Chapel, [Manchester]. p10.
Leach, Joan. Summer outings: Trip to Pendle and Wycoller [June 29th]; Trip to Rivington 16th July 1997. p15-16.

No.25. March 1998.
Ohno, Tatsuhiro. Sylvia’s Lovers: The First Japanese Translation. p2-4.
Lindsay, Jean. Elizabeth and William’s Honeymoon in Aber, September 1832 [Pen y Bryn]. [illus.] p4-7.
Chapple, J[ohn] A.V. Elizabeth Gaskell’s First Music Book. [facsimiles]. p8-12.
Brill, Barbara. Charades and amateur theatricals, [Fleeming Jenkin; Robert Louis Stevenson]. p13.14.

No.26. August 1998.
Sharps, Heather. Gawthorpe Hall and the Gaskell connection. [illus.] p2-4.
Mayston, Bernard. Thoughts about the Brontës [Thornton, Bradford, birthplace of the Brontës]. [illus.] p8-9.
Wiltshire, Irene. ‘Curious, if true’: Le Petit Poucet and Tom Thumb. A case of mistaken identity. p10-12.
Lingard, Christine. French translations of Gaskell [Louise Swanton Belloc. Pierre et Pierrette. [facsimile]. p14-15.
Leach, Joan. Cross Street Chapel [Manchester] [illus.] p16-17.
Smith, Muriel. Circular Notes. p18.

No.27. February 1999.
Skrine, Peter. Elizabeth Gaskell à Paris. p2-10.
Green, Dudley. In the Footsteps of Elizabeth Gaskell, Paris 17-22 September 1998, [study tour]. [Place de Vosges, illus.] p11-14.
Sanders, Andrew. The Tenth Annual Gaskell Society Meeting in Tokyo: From a Speaker’s Viewpoint. p15-16.
Chapple, J[ohn] A.V. A (not) Imaginary Conversation Between a ‘Lady of Quality’ & Mrs Gaskell. p17-20.
G.L.328 to George Smith, Dec 29 1856. [t-p 1856 French edition. facsimile]. [Hachette, Louis. port.] p24.

No.28. August 1999.
Shelston, Alan. William Gaskell and the Pressures of Work. No.28 August 1999, [W. Gaskell bi-centenary]. p9-12.
Horner, Maureen & Miller, Barbara. The Gaskell Society Conference: The London Experience 23 July-26 July 1999. p12-13.
Brill, Barbara. Links in a Chain that Connect Elizabeth Gaskell with Marianne North. p15-18.

No.29. February 2000.
Davies, Andrew. Adapting Wives and Daughters, [BBC Television]. p2-5.
Lindsay, Jean. Who was Miss Fergusson? [Barbara Fergusson, governess]. p6-8.
Hockenhull, Jean & Stephenson, Sheila. Omnibus – A Diary of our Days on Location. [BBC TV] [illus.] p9-17.
Brill, Barbara. Marianne North. p17.
Lancashire Dialect and the Greyt Eggshibishun. [facsimile]. p19-20.
[Robertson, Valerie]. A Dark Night’s Work at Inverary Jail. p20-21.

No.30. August 2000.
Horsfield, Jackie. Visit to Belgium, 11th- 15th May 2000. p2-3.
Green, Dudley. Following the Brontës in Brussels – May 2000, [Pensionat Heger]. [illus.] p4-8.
Allan, Janet. Progress on the Gaskell House, Plymouth Grove, [appeal for funds]. p.8.
Moss, Marie. Travelling the literary trail. [Rome]. [illus.] p9-14.
[Burch, Sylvia]. Literary walk to Southwark –19th August 2000. p16-17.
Marshall, Rosemary. Gaskell Society Southwest. Group Report on. Spring Activities, 2000, [Broadleas, Devizes, outing]. [illus.] p19-20.

No.31. March 2001.
Tributes to Barbara Brill. p2-3.
Lingard, Christine. The Gaskells, popular education & the free library movement. [part 1]. p4-7.
Skrine, Peter. ‘Peccavi.’ [Catherine Winkworth; R.H. Watts. Gaskell Memorial Tower, Knutsford]. [illus.] p7-9.
Chapple, J[ohn] A.V. Charles Perrault, Madame D’Aulnoy, and ‘Curious if true’. p9-12.

No.32. Autumn 2001.
Allan, Janet. 84 Plymouth Grove, [appeal for funds]. p2.
Allan, Janet. The Gaskells’ bequests. p2-4.
Smith, Muriel. Bellingham, [Ruth] p4.
Lingard, Christine. Bank Street Unitarian Chapel, Bolton. [illus.] p5-6.
Lingard, Christine. The Gaskells, popular education & the free library movement, [part 2]. p7-16.
Group Visits, 2001, [Moravian Church, Fairfield Settlement, Droylsden]. [illus.] p20.

No.33. Spring 2002.
Leach, Joan. On the trail of Madame de Sévigné. p2-4.
Allan, Janet. The Gaskells’ shawls. p4-5.
Rye, Elizabeth (formerly Jacobi). Help please! [port.] p6.
Leach, Joan. Samuel Laurence, 1812-1884. [port. facsimile]. p7-8. Chapple, J[ohn] A.V. Caroline Holland (1835-1909). p9.

Chapple, J[ohn] A.V. Obituary: Arthur Pollard. p2-3.
Lingard, Christine. Wilmots. p4-5.
Smith, Muriel. In pursuit of Madame de Sévigné. p6-7.
Chapple, J[ohn] A.V. Good Dog Fanny and Tuft the Canary, with other Stories, all True, [Margaret E. Gaskell of Macclesfield]. With Note by Mary Syner. p7-9.
[Leach, Joan]. Manchester Botanists. [St. George’s Church, Hulme]. [illus.] p10-11.
Marshall, Rosemary. Gaskell Society South-West Excursion to Penzance, Friday May 17 – Sunday May 19 2002. p15-16.

No.35. Spring 2003.
Cox, Marjorie. Mrs. Gaskell and the ‘Climbing Boys’. p2-6.
Moss, Marie. A Note on Elizabeth Gaskell’s Visit to The Mount, [Bollington]. [illus.] p5-6.
Lingard, Christine. The Frozen North: some links with Sylvia’s Lovers. p7-10.
[Wilson, Jane]. Manchester Botanist? [illus.] p11.
Stephenson, Sheila & Hockenhull, Jean. The Gaskell trip to Brittany, [Les Rochers, Vitre]. [illus.] No.35. Spring 2003. p12- 17.

No.36. Autumn 2003.
Lingard, Christine. And what of Sylvia? p2-3.
Sylvia’s Lovers, 1863 ed. title-page, [George Du Maurier, illustrator]. [facsimile]. p.4.
Moss, Marie. Elizabeth Gaskell and Macclesfield. [illus.] p5-15.
Chapple, J[ohn] A.V. Editing Elizabeth Gaskell’s Letters. p16.
[Leach, Joan]. Here we go round the mulberry bush, [Brook Street chapel, Knutsford]. [illus.] p16-17.
Smith, Muriel. Elizabeth Gaskell and the American Civil War. No.36. Autumn 2003. p18-19.

No.37. Spring 2004.
Chapple, J[ohn] A.V. Elizabeth Gaskell and Tennyson. p2-6.
Twinn, Frances. Haworth through unfamiliar eyes. [Life of Charlotte Brontë. title page facsimile]. p7-9.
Weyant, Nancy. Gaskell’s Works now searchable via new Hyper-Concordance. p10-11.
Shelston, Alan. Mrs Gaskell and Miss Fergusson: a new connection. p11.
[Leach, Joan]. A Gaskell portrait? [Elizabeth Rye, owner]. [illus.] p12-15.

No.38. Autumn 2004
Green, Dudley. Brian Hechle, [obituary]. [port.] p2-3.
Shelston, Alan. Elizabeth Gaskell and Tennyson: a footnote. p4-6.
Lingard, Christine. Samuel Holland and Liverpool. p6-8.
[Leach, Joan]. Visit to Liverpool. [Liscard Vale, Wallasey]. [illus.] p9-10.
Moss, Marie. The Oxford Visit-23 June 2004: A Personal View, [South West Group visit] [illus.] p12-15,
Kennerley, Janet. Visit to Worcester and Stratford-upon-Avon, 5 – 8 July 2004. [illus.] p16-19.

No.39. Spring 2005.
Lingard, Christine. Scientists in Wives and Daughters. p2-4.
Wynne, Deborah. Elizabeth Gaskell and Dickens in All the Year Round. p5-6. North and South on BBC TV [selection of comments]. p7-9.
Uglow, Jenny. A Forgotten Wedding Custom. p9-11.
Shelston, Alan. A visit to Japan. [illus.] p10-12.
Clark, Mary. Lancaster visit, [Ruskin Library, Lancaster University]. p13-14. [Leach, Joan]. Edinburgh. p19.

No.40. Autumn 2005.
[Leach, Joan]. The Cober Hill Conspiracy, [Joan ’s M.B.E.] p2-3.
Manchester Conference Reviewed. p4-5.
Wynne, Deborah. Elizabeth Gaskell and Dickens in All the Year Round, [Lois the Witch]. repeated. p6-7,.
Skrine, Peter. Elizabeth Gaskell and the Isle of Man. p7-9.
Chapple, J]ohn] A.V. John Ashton Nicholls in Boston. p9-10.
Emberson, Ian M. A forgotten wedding custom and Jane Eyre. p11.
Clark, Mary. The Lake District in the footsteps of Elizabeth Gaskell, [Greta Hall, Keswick; Old Grammar School; Hawkshead]. [illus.] p11-14.

No.41. Spring 2006.
Chapple, J]ohn] A.V. John Geoffrey Sharps (1936-2006). [port.] p2-4.
Memories and tributes to John Geoffrey Sharps. Nancy Weyant, Irene Wiltshire, etc. p5-8. [Hartshorne, Susan]. Recollections of Plymouth Grove. p9.
Lingard, Christine. Gaskell in Translation: a summary. p10-16.
Leach, Joan. Letters relating to The Life of Charlotte Brontë [Horsfall Turner Collection], acquired by the Brontë Society. p16-18.
Twinn, Fran. Gaskell Society Members at Buckingham Palace, [Joan Leach, M.B.E.] [illus.] p19-20.
[Lingard, Christine]. Mrs Gaskell and the O[xford] E[nglish] D[ictionary], [part 1]. p21-22.
Leach, Joan. Sylvia’s Lovers. [facsimile of letter from M.E. Gaskell to Thomas Seccombe describing her mother’s death] p22-23.

No.42. Autumn 2006.
Leach, Joan. My visit to Japan. [illus.] p2-4.
Alston, Jean. Visit to Ashbourne, Alstonefield and the Hope House Costume Museum. [Derbyshire] 5th July 2006. p5-6.
Leach, Joan. Cranford Houses, [Brook House.] [Edward Higgins highwayman’s house]. [illus.] p6-9.
Lingard, Christine. Mrs Gaskell and the OED. (part 2). p11-12.
Turner, Coreen. Visit to Plymouth Grove on Monday 5 June 2006 by Members of The Brontë Society. p12-13.

No.43. Spring 2007.
Sharps, Heather. John Geoffrey Sharps. p2-4.
Shelston, Alan. Garibaldi at Caprera, [by Augusto Vecchji]. p4-7.
Skrine, Peter. The Gaskell Society Visit to Rome 18 September– 24 September 2006. [illus.] p7-9.
Lingard, Christine. Antonio Gallenga. p10-11.
Emberson, Ian M. The Sorrows of Young Philip. p12.

No.44. Autumn 2007.
Baker, Fran. The Papers of J.G. Sharps, [John Rylands University of Manchester Library]. p2-6.
Stennett, Adrienne. Visit to Bamford country, 9th June 2007, [Middleton. Lancs.] p6-7.
Poole, Robert. A letter from Bamford, probably to William Gaskell, [with note on F. Eugene Vembergue by Christine Lingard]. [facsimile] p7-9.
O’Brien, Ann. The Manchester Art Treasures Exhibition. [illus.] p10-13.
[Barnard, Pat]. Elizabeth Gaskell’s guests to The Manchester Art Treasures Exhibition. p14-15.
[Coles, Anthony]. Mary Barton as a school prize, [Tablet, 29 June 1907]. p15.
[Thomas, Heidi]. The BBC and Cranford. [illus.] p19.

No.45. Spring 2008.
Chapple, J[ohn] A.V. Mary Holland and Anne Marsh Caldwell. [port.] p2-5.
Pittock, Malcolm & Williams, Elizabeth. The BBC & Cranford,
[opinions of the Knutsford group of BBC Cranford]. p5-8.
[Bank Note once on display at Knutsford Library]. [facsimile]. p9.
Lingard, Christine. Gaskell and Music. p9-15.

No.46. Autumn 2008.
Baker, Fran. Papers of the Green & Jamieson families, [John Rylands University of Manchester Library]. p2-6.
O’Brien, Ann. Notes from the Exhibition: Art Treasures in Manchester 150 years on. p6-9.
Moss, Marie. The Recollections of a Victorian Gentlewoman, [Elizabeth Anne Galton]. p9-12.
Alston, Jean. Tour in Scottish Lowlands, 7–11 July 2008, [Berwick on Tweed]. [illus.] p13-16 & back cover.

No.47. Spring 2009.
Lingard, Christine. Gaskell and the Theatre. p2-9.
[Leach, Joan]. Gaskell portrait gallery [Samuel Laurence, artist]. [illus.] p9-12.
Weyant, Nancy S. A newly discovered letter of introduction returns to England, [John Rylands University of Manchester Library]. p13-16.
Lingard, Christine. Skelwith [Preston family]. p16-17.
Leach, Joan. A model for Lady Ludlow, [Lady Jane Stanley]. p17-19.

No.48. Autumn 2009.
Chapple, J]ohn] A.V. Elizabeth Gaskell’s Paternal Grandparents, [Stevenson]. p2-4.
Clark, Nicky. Charles Allen Du Val/C.A. Duval: artist and photographer. [illus.] p5-8.
Ross, Dr John. The Death of Elizabeth Gaskell. p9-11.
Austin, Tim. Photos in Geneva, [Alfred Sharpe; Susan Deane; Elizabeth Sharpe]. [ports.] p11-14.

No.49. Spring 2010.
Lingard, Christine. Elizabeth Gaskell’s London. p2-7.
Briggs, Dr Katherine Jane. A Tale of Two Centenaries: Elizabeth Gaskell and Lev Tolstoy. p7-8.
[Taylor, David]. Vernon Lushington: Mrs Gaskell’s ‘Cousin ‘V’. p8-9.
[Leach, Joan]. The Death of Mrs Gaskell reported, [Manchester Guardian, 14 November 1865]. p10.
[Leach, Joan]. A Brontë letter correction. p9.
Death certificates: [Elizabeth C. Gaskell; Florence Crompton]. [facsimiles]. p11-12.
[Moss, Marie]. Emily White, 1925-2010, [obituary]. p13-15.

No.50. Autumn 2010.
[Leach, Joan]. [port. cover] & editorial note [by Janet Allan].
Cox, Dr Elizabeth M. “Such happy days as my schooldays were”: Elizabeth Gaskell and Warwickshire. [Stratford upon Avon’, Brook St. Chapel, Knutsford – mulberry tree]. p2-6.
Ray, Philip. Archibald Stanton Whitfield, 1900-1974. p7-11.
Programme of Bi-centenary events. p11-12.

No.51. Spring 2011.
Joan Leach: Our Honorary Secretary from 1985-2010 [obituary & tributes]. p1-15.
Gaskell Centenary Westminster Abbey [i.e. bi-centenary]. [illus.] p12-13.
Shelston, Alan. 2010 [bi-centenary year]. p14-15.
Alston, Jean. Una Box, who died 14 November 2010, aged 71 years, [obituary]. p15-16.
[Waddington, Ann]. A glimpse into the preparations for the memorialisation of Elizabeth Gaskell in Poets’ Corner, Westminster Abbey on 25 September 2010. p16-18.
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