Mrs Gaskell’s Personal Pantheon (video)

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This talk was given to the Gaskell Society by Bob Gamble on 19 August 2020. In it, he presents undiscovered biographical information about Elizabeth Gaskell. His research casts fresh light on Elizabeth’s inner circle, uncovering some of the mysteries of her key relationships – most notably the puzzle surrounding ‘Miss Mitchell’. Elizabeth Gaskell cited ‘Miss Mitchell’ as one of the two principal influences in her life (alongside her ‘darling Aunt Lumb’).

Bob Gamble is a graduate of University College Oxford and worked for many years in the advertising industry. Since his retirement, he has dedicated his time to writing and research; his particular interests being Elizabeth Gaskell, Harriet Martineau and the Brontës.
His book, Mrs. Gaskell’s Personal Pantheon: Illuminating Mrs. Gaskell’s Inner Circle is out now. For a very special price for Gaskell Society members, please use the discount code TGS45. Offer ends 31 December, 2020.