Elizabeth Gaskell’s Knutsford


An illustrated walking tour of Knutsford (with map), plus an introductory essay: Elizabeth Gaskell: her Life and Works by John Rowe Townsend.

See Elizabeth’s happy childhood home, visit her final resting place and learn about the real-life characters behind the fictional folk of Cranford.

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This fascinating booklet includes a revised and updated version of Elizabeth Gaskell: her Life and Works by John Rowe Townsend, plus an updated walking tour (with map) of Knutsford, the town Elizabeth described with such warmth and humour in Cranford.  Much has changed, but much has not.

Within easy walking distance, you’ll find Elizabeth’s happy childhood home; the church where she married William, and her final resting place at Brook Street Chapel. You’ll also discover the homes of the real people who became the much-loved fictional folk of Cranford. The town’s picturesque streets, grand houses and colourful folklore were also a source of inspiration for Wives and Daughters and several short stories.

This book was originally published as Knutsford and Elizabeth Gaskell by John Rowe Townsend and Alderman Thomas Beswick in 1960. It was revised in 2000 by Joan Leach and retitled Knutsford and Elizabeth Gaskell.

This third edition (24pp) was updated by the Gaskell Society in 2015.
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